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As a West Point Graduate and 21 Army veteran accomplished at solving complex problems in austere locations, I wanted to apply my knowledge, experience, and innovative mindset to modernize existing lodging options to benefit my current community, military service members, and their families.

I realized my exposure to real estate began in rural Louisiana as a child helping my parents manage a mobile home park with chores that included cutting grass, replacing electrical boxes, repairing water leaks and sewage system, listening to lease negotiations, etc. In 2001, I began purchasing investment properties while living in Hawaii. I tried to purchase a property at each new duty station.

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After retirement in 2016, I purchased an investment property with a business partner to fix and rent. We learned all the lessons at once after having to inject double our initial repair budget in the property. The pictures below demonstrate the extensive repairs required for something we thought would be a quick fix. The before pictures demonstrate our inexperience, but the after pictures demonstrated our determine and valuation creation. 

Old Kitchen 

Beckwith Guest House old kitchen.JPG

New Kitchen 

Beckwith Guest House new kitchen.JPG

Old Floor 

New Floor 

As I began to brainstorm ways to recoup our investment, I remembered the pains of PCSing with my family and pets and struggling to find appropriate lodging with adequate space our children and pets. I quickly realized renting whole homes with fenced yards met eliminated those pain points not only for military families, but also other families traveling for pleasure. After six months of successfully renting out our newly renovated and EXPENSIVE house, I realized combining whole homes, short-term rental platforms, and innovative technologies could improve travel accommodations while mutually benefit travelers and homeowners. 


In 2018, I launched Military First BnB Solutions to help cost conscience military and civilian travelers and homeowners. Military First BnB Solutions manages whole homes for property owners by renting their property through short-term rental platforms to families and travelers searching for fully furnished homes during a PCS, extended TDY, vacation, etc. Our homes provide travelers with competitive rates, full kitchens, fenced yards, and multiple bedrooms; we believe each home provides triple the VALUE and COMFORT of small single room accommodations. Home owners benefit through increased earnings and hands-off management, and travelers reduce their stress through improve comfort in larger spaces and decrease overall cost.

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I am proud to be doing just that in 5 cities (Fayetteville, NC; Killeen, TX; Cascade, CO, West Point, NY; and EL Paso, TX) and growing. We recently opened a branch in Virginia Beach and look to add multiple properties in the coming months.


If you come to us as a guest, we know that you will be satisfied with the overall value of your stay and accommodations. If you come to us a Homeowner, we hope you are ready to maximize your property investment. Either way, I know you will be pleased.